Overcoming Overwhelm Journal


A 12-Week Wellness Planner for Finding Peace in a Busy World



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Have you ever felt that they aren’t enough hours in the day? That your mind is fizzing with all the things you need to remember? That there are simply too many things you need to do and you are buried in responsibilities? If so, then you may have experienced overwhelm!

Based on the popular course from the Anti-Burnout Club, the Overcoming Overwhelm Journal takes the reader on a journey back to feeling in control and filled with confidence in just 12 weeks. Designed to be used as a friendly guide out of the murky waters of feeling overwhelmed, readers are given a set of tools they can turn to again and again to help them when times are just a little bit tough.

Written by Bex Spiller, author of the best-selling Anti-Burnout Journal and founder of The Anti-Burnout Club, the Overcoming Overwhelm Journal is perfect for readers who are going through a difficult patch, and is filled with helpful advice for combatting negative feelings. This three-part journal is designed to be used over a 12-week period, starting with how to recognise and understand the overwhelm before moving on in part two to look at how to calm and untangle your mind. In the final part, banish the feelings of overwhelm for good using all the advice and techniques explored, and habits built, throughout the previous weeks.

Key to those techniques is the Brain Dumping method, and the journal shows how this truly can be life-changing for anyone needing space and time to just get it all out and free their mind from a thousand thoughts! Bex Spiller fully explores how brain dumping can be beneficial and shows readers the most effective way to make this tool a key part of their self-care routine.

Alongside Brain Dumping, the Overcoming Overwhelm Journal introduces new tools to have in your corner when feelings of overwhelm appear – such as breathwork, mediation, and tapping – making the Overcoming Overwhelm Journal the perfect companion to getting you on the right track for a fulfilling and productive life and prioritising self-care in difficult times.

Publisher: David & Charles

Release Date: 21st November 2023

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